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about e3 Cannabis Service Group

E3 Service Group has dedicated years of research and development to designing the right environmental parameters for cannabis grow facilities nation-wide. Experts in all types of HVAC systems, we use proven science and engineering methods to design and build the most dependable and cost effective solution to your space based around your lighting types/quantity, structure, targeted humidity levels, environmental factors specific to your geographic region, intended fertigation systems and of course, building automated controls.


Bryson Guyer


The son of a son of an HVAC expert. Bryson is a 3rd generation HVAC guru.
Neil McCabe

Vice President

Having started over 20 years ago in the commercial construction industry.

what we do

E3 Cannabis is a cannabis facility design and build company that specializes in efficient, and organized protocols for completing any construction project. We guarantee legal compliance with all state laws while meeting deadlines, exceeding the expectations of our clients, and creating a perfect environment for your cannabis cultivation facility.


the E3 advantage

Located in Denver, Colorado we are a leading provider of commercial indoor cultivation facility design and indoor grow HVAC design and services. We have a reliable reputation and the experience you want to get your grow operation to market quickly and painlessly.

our vision

We know a successful grow! Plants thrive with an optimized environment. At E3, we’ve worked diligently to consistently present to you what you need to know before designing a new cannabis grow operation or expanding an existing cultivation facility.

the E3 mission

At E3 Cannabis Services we’ve developed a unique cannabis consulting program that provides detailed solutions on the different components needed to operate an effective and profitable cannabis business. We specialize in helping entrepreneurs get their doors open as soon as possible with our turn-key E3 consulting services which include everything from facility design & buildouts to complete operations management so you can focus on what matters most – your business and growing it.

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E3 is your one stop shop when it comes to designing and building out your commercial grow room or expanding a pre-existing facility.

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Bryson Guyer - President and HVAC Guru

With over 20 years in the HVAC industry, Bryson is an expert in cannabis and hemp design and engineering.

“It wasn’t anything that I set out to do — it kind of found me,” said Bryson Guyer, president, E3 Service Group. “Out here in Colorado, I think every heating and air company has done marijuana at some time or another. For us, we always specialized in commercial kitchens before this. We’ve built a ton of Marco’s Pizzas, Texas Roadhouses, and Red Robin restaurants. And there was a lot of translation between building a restaurant and building a grow facility. We just started listening to the customers and their complaints and figured out ways to fix their issues. It’s slowly become our area of expertise.”

“Getting the environment right in a commercial facility can be difficult. If you cut the wrong corner you could lose millions of dollars overnight.” – Bryson Guyer

Neil McCabe - Vice President E3 Service Group

Having started over 20 years ago in the commercial construction industry, Neil McCabe started his journey as an apprentice plumber in Denver, Colorado, building everything from accelerated schedule restaurants to multi-building mixed use developments with hundreds of dwelling units. This variety of project types fast-tracked Neil into both running work crews of forty plus employees and into office executive positions. Neil has branched out beyond the plumbing aspect of construction and been in project management and estimating roles as a commercial general contractor and HVAC mechanical professional. During this timeframe, Neil finished his bachelor’s degree in Construction Management to further his skillset and qualifications with a single goal in mind; understanding how the building gets put together as a whole.

While maintaining his Master Plumbing licensure through both testing and practice, Mr. McCabe has focused on the turnkey mechanical industry holding such prior positions as the President of a $67,000,000 a year commercial contracting company. Now strictly specializing in cannabis grow facilities both indoor and greenhouse, as well as dispensaries and extraction labs. Neil’s extensive knowledge on mechanical and plumbing codes have provided him with the opportunity to fully design completely functional and economic systems for projects with an overall construction cost exceeding $140,000,000 in value. He currently does all design for E3 Service Group, LLC in house using the latest technology in CAD software which helps push along the permitting process and construction schedule in its entirety.

Afterall, the most qualified designers are the ones who physically put them together which in turn means no change orders unless truly additional scope is being added.