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commercial grow room design plans

Commercial grow room design plans and optimization are in high demand as more states legalize cannabis. A cornerstone for most businesses especially vertically integrated plant-touching businesses is the cannabis grow room. E3 Cannabis can not only help you with your grow room design plans, engineering, and setup, we can also help with the buildout phase.

indoor commercial grow room design and setup services:

Starting your own commercial indoor grow op can be a wise and financially lucrative endeavor, however, you must understand what you are doing before you can begin. E3 cannabis can help you with grow room design and the understanding you need to succeed in today’s cannabis cultivation industry.

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Conceptual Indoor Grow Room Layouts

Your indoor cannabis grow rooms are the lifeblood of your business, it's important that they are designed and buildout correctly from day 1. Providing conceptual grow room design layouts helps make sure your indoor grow setup is exactly what you need before construction begins.

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Grow Room Design - 2D and 3D Renderings

Grow room design plans and specifications can be input into state-of-the-art software, which enables us to demonstrate our designs to our clientele in 2D and 3D. We can also create virtual 3D walkthroughs of indoor cannabis cultivation facilities.

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Grow Room HVAC Design, Setup, and Services

Grow room HVAC systems design, implementation, and servicing are our bread and butter. HVAC is one of the most important if not the most important aspect of any successful grow room design. E3 has worked all over the USA and knows that HVAC is an art that is oftentimes based more on location rather than one master plan that fits all facilities. A cannabis cultivation facility in Florida will have different environmental variables and HVAC setups than a grow op in Arizona.

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Indoor Grow Room Lighting Plans

We offer the best grow room lighting plans and solutions in the industry. We have years of experience with a myriad of grow lights and lighting controls. We also work directly with lighting manufacturers saving you money. Whether you plan to use HID or LED grow lights, E3 has the experience and know-how to implement grow lights in your grow room.

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Grow Room Energy and Sustainability Analysis

As part of our design parameters, sustainability and energy efficiency are important factors. Real-time updates for power and resources are vital to optimizing your facility and saving you time and money while ensuring your business is practicing responsible energy usage.

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Grow Room Space and Efficiency Analysis

E3's design team will optimize the space based on current circumstances in order to ensure optimum utilization ensuring more profitable harvests while improving the efficiency of your grow room.

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Facility and Grow Room Design Reviews

To ensure your grow room or facility design is on the right track and built according to specifications, you will have multiple peer review sessions during the grow room or facility design development process. E3 Cannabis prides itself in communication and transparency on all our projects.

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Cultivation Facility Site Plans

E3 does more than grow room design and optimization, we can also design and buildout an entire cultivation facility as well. While designing your cultivation facility, we'll keep state regulations in mind to ensure compliance, and we'll also plan for expansion and ease of use.

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Construction Permitting Support

In collaboration with our architectural partners, E3 Cannabis ensures that the design is completed and approved on the first submission. Our grow facility permitting support is a huge help for those looking to get into the industry or to expand.

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Grow Room Ventilation Design and Setup

Grow room ventilation is vital to a healthy and bountiful indoor cannabis garden. Increased air circulation means stronger plants that produce more flower with fewer problems when it comes to pests and molds. Proper grow room ventilation also allows master growers to really dial in and optimize CO2 enhancements as well. E3 Cannabis is able to design, setup, and service all your garden's air circulation needs.

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Environmental Controls Systems Integration

Environmental controls allow for greater control over your indoor grow room's environment. It's not enough to have your environmental systems in place, you need to be able to optimize the conditions in the garden, dialing in just the right temperature, humidity levels, and fertigation takes some experience as well as environmental controls for total control of your marijuana garden.

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Indoor Grow Room Equipment, Layout, and Specs.

Marijuana equipment suppliers are among E3's purchasing partners. The equipment we recommend comes from personal experience and is proven to provide measurable benefits. Some of the brands we use and trust are Carrier, Anden, Honeywell, and Fabricair.

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Grow Room Security and Surveillance Plans

We utilize our design team's comprehensive knowledge of State regulations to ensure that the security systems meet and exceed State requirements. Ensure your assets are secure.

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Custom Grow Room Mechanical Design and Engineering (MEP)

E3 Cannabis can provide Mechanical Design and Engineering (MEP) for any aspect of your commercial cultivation needs. If you do not see a service listed above please contact us and we will work with you to design and build out the grow room or complete grow facility of your dreams.

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our other cannabis business services

E3 Cannabis has partnered up with some of the best in the cannabis business to provide services outside of facility design. We can help entrepreneurs obtain licenses, provide compliance services, maintain your Metrc system, and even market your cannabis business.



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real estate

our other cannabis business services

E3 Cannabis has partnered up with some of the best in the cannabis business to provide services outside of facility design. We can help entrepreneurs obtain licenses, provide compliance services, maintain your Metrc system, and even market your cannabis business.



real estate

compliance & Sops



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