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A comprehensive indoor cultivation facility design and build plan of action will allow you to save your team time and money by identifying responsibilities, providing the structure you need, and outlining responsibilities. Your cannabis facility design will be handled by our team from conception to completion all while meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations.

Indoor Cultivation Facility Design

what is the design build methodology?

A design-build approach involves designing and constructing a project under one contract with one company. It refers to putting together a team and managing all components of a blueprint to complete a building. Or in other words, a one-stop shop for everything needed to design and build a cannabis grow facility or grow room under one company’s guidance.

The development, design and construction phases are closely related and should be coordinated by skilled and competent professionals to ensure everything is completed on time and done correctly. Beware of cannabis consulting firms with no experience in the design or construction fields.

why design build for a cannabis cultivation facility?

The cannabis cultivation industry is booming, but there are many risks in designing and building commercial cannabis grow rooms and other cannabusiness facilities. By using the Design-Build methodology, you can reduce those costs, mitigate risk, increase productivity, and create an aesthetically pleasing facility tailored to your needs.

The Design-Build process is the most popular way to build a cannabis cultivation facility in 2021, whether it be a commercial grow op, dispensary, extraction lab, or other cannabusiness.

  • Encourages Coherent Commercial Grow Room Design
  • Cultivation Consultant and Head Grower Influence Design Process.
  • Encourages and Builds Teamwork.
  • Single Point of Responsibility.
  • Open/Transparent Communication.
  • Eliminates Adversarial Conditions.
  • Not Restricted to Building Types.
  • Faster Project Delivery.
E3’s Design and Build professionals are dedicated to providing cannabis workplaces that are safe, compliant, and fully optimized to ensure bountiful harvests over the long-term.
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why choose E3 for your commercial grow room design and buildout?

We have a long history of constructing marijuana grow facilities using the design-build method as well as decades of HVAC systems experience at E3. Our cannabis facilities are designed and built in a timely manner using structured protocols. With over a decade of experience, our licensed cannabis design and build company ensures all regulations are accounted for, deadlines are met, and expectations are exceeded.
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the importance of a project manager

Project managers are vital when a cultivation facility design and build is taking place. It’s very important to use a professional to manage all the moving parts and different experts being brought in to complete a cultivation facility. The right expert will be able to handle the logistics and communication for the entire project, making it far less common to experience communication breakdowns and mistakes on the job site. E3 uses only the best and most experienced construction project management professionals on all their designs and buildouts.

our cannabusiness services

E3 Cannabis has partnered up with some of the best in the cannabis industry to provide services outside of grow facility design. We can help entrepreneurs obtain licenses, provide compliance services, maintain their Metrc system, and even market their cannabis business or grow facility.



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our other cannabis business services

E3 Cannabis has partnered up with some of the best in the cannabis business to provide services outside of facility design. We can help entrepreneurs obtain licenses, provide compliance services, maintain your Metrc system, and even market your cannabis business.



real estate

compliance & Sops



cannabis facility design and buildout


I have an existing facility

Design and Build

I have a new facility

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E3 is your one stop shop when it comes to designing and building out your commercial grow room or expanding a pre-existing facility.

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