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Cannabis Facility Design Services

Cannabis cultivation facility design and build-outs can be overwhelming, it’s also the key to your cannabusiness’s success. It’s vital that you plan right from the beginning. E3 can help you develop, design, and build-out your indoor cultivation facility all while getting you to market quicker. 


commercial grow room design plans

plan | design | engineer

One of our specialties is developing commercial grow room design plans for end-to-end projects as well as expanding existing cultivation facilities. We deliver customized design packages that maximize efficiency among plants, equipment, and the environment. E3 designs grow ops, dispensaries, MIPs, and vertically integrated canna-businesses.

Build-Out for grow facilities, dispensaries, and MIPs

design-build | construction management

The Design-Build methodology is the fastest growing and most popular method used to design, develop, and deliver construction projects in the North American cannabis industry. Save time and money, as well as reduce headaches to get your facility to market quicker with E3 and the Design-Build methodology.


environmental systems and controls integration

HVAC | lighting | fertigation | dehumidification | security

Lights, cameras, HVAC! E3 provides systems design and integration services as well. Commercial cannabis grow facilities depend on indoor climate control. E3 specializes in HVAC, grow room lighting, ventilation, fertigation, water filtration, security, and the systems controls to make them all work together.

Grow and Optimize your grow facility

retro fitting | upgrading | expansion

Technology is moving fast in the cannabis cultivation industry, E3 can help you stay on the cutting edge with facility upgrades. We also help clients retro-fit existing facilities so they can get to market quickly.


our other cannabis business services

E3 Cannabis has partnered up with some of the best in the cannabis business to provide services outside of facility design. We can help entrepreneurs obtain licenses, provide compliance services, maintain your Metrc system, and even market your cannabis business.





compliance & Sops

business plans

grow with us


I have an existing facility

Design and Build

I have a new facility

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E3 is your one stop shop when it comes to designing and building out your commercial grow room or expanding a pre-existing facility.

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